Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Object Finding Ability

After losing my driver’s license, visa and debit card while remaining in my car as told here:

I then lost my keys, while moving from my bedroom to the study. Seriously. Over a week later, still not a clue what vortex they have been sucked into. 

So I have one remaining car key with locking fob and one remaining mail key and had 4 new house keys cut including a Darth Vader key which my children chose for me. All keys, including Vader were not functional so we had to get keys from the grown up store where actual key cutting technicians were involved. 

I then purchased a 16 inch plastic skeleton on which I attached my keys assuming this would be hard to misplace. 

Here is where Karma has circled back. My mom sewed a bonanza of fabric neck pouches to keep her reading glasses and cordless home phone contained. 

I’m not confirming this but neck pouch containment might have been a source of some mockery from her children. I’m also not confirming this, but a 16 inch skeleton key chain might be the source of some mockery from my children. 

Enjoy your object finding ability while it lasts.

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