Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cult of Mac

Did you know that one in seven crimes committed in New York City now involves the theft of an Apple product?

However, theft of Mac is not my issue. Evidently I have angered the Gods of Mac but I have a semi-counter with my Mac Protection Indulgent Policy. (A bit of an obscure reference from historical Catholicism.)  

So my Mac is a total loss because of a bit of irony.

My middle child is fully immersed in the Cult of Mac. She treats her Mac laptop as the precious treasure it is.

I am not so kind to my laptops. I have places to go and things to do and my laptop is coming with me; up the stairs, down the stairs, to the car to, out to lunch, wherever.

It only took a few close calls tripping down the stairs in a 3 am insomnia stupor before I decided old lady falling down the stairs and breaking electronics insurance was necessary. However a trip and fall was also not my current issue.

Being a big girl, most of my joints ache and heat helps more than anything so a really, really hot bath beats most alternative pain managing options like being in a drug stupor.

In the past, I read and my books had uncloseable, wavy pages. Evidently electronics do not have a similar moisture response.

This was not distressing to the middle child until I purchased a Mac. Then it was sacrilege.

So the Mac is a water damaged total loss. My documents are backed up. Hooray. My personal photos are backed up thanks to the middle kid. My someday-I-will-blog-these photos are toast and I’m guessing there will be mockery from my middle child.

However, a new Mac Air is rushing to my front door thanks to Amazon, as is a bath caddy also thanks to Amazon. What did I do before Amazon? Evidently actually go out to stores to buy stuff. Oh the horror.

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