Saturday, September 20, 2014

Your Type?

While discussing a paper my kid needs to do for school, she brings up that most of her peers look at their fingers while typing or actually hunt and peck with two fingers. 

I find this odd because I (in theory) learned typing in Junior High. Mandatory for both girls and boys. 

(I’m old enough that it was also mandatory for girls to take Home Ec and boys to take Shop.)

She reminds me that not only are computer skills learned at birth but now keyboards are irrelevant. True.

So I divulge how I got a C in Junior High. 

I was going to continue that it was because I looked at my fingers while typing but with the caveat that I typed nothing until College. 

Journals, notes, letters, papers all hand written and typically in pencil that required a sharpener not loading with lead. 

Then I was going to disclose that I had one F in my academic career. My senior year in High School, art was at 7 am, an ungodly hour that I had endured until the last 3 months before graduation and I refused to get up. 

The immediate response to hearing I was the recipient of a C?  

A complete laughing fest accompanied by, “Wow mom! You are a total rebel!” 

As long as I have her respect. 

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