Thursday, August 21, 2014

Apparently, I Was Brainwashed - Part Two

I’m jumping into this story which appropriately starts from Apparently, I Was Brainwashed - Part One but which, at this point in convolution has very little tie back back to the title and which comes in a post listed before the Part One post which is not appropriate to timeline or to theme.  However, because this is becoming a discussion on my inability to organize of filter, it is fitting. 

I locate the clips that I vaguely remember as correlating to the Apparently Awesome five year old kid.  

By locate, I want to clarify that several days and many, many ridiculous, late in the evening, Vampire type hours are burned in this activity. If interested (and who wouldn’t be?) see the fascinating topic list from the part one post which should also include the history of male underwear, Sumo wrestling, the need for dash cams in the former and now somewhat reconstituting USSR, the successes and failures of Mormon PR and enormous spiders in tropical areas. Oh yes! All of this and much more will be making an appearance in some future post. 

I’m concerned that the clips are fairly long.  I have an internal debate of inclusion followed by the acknowledgement that just under 10 minutes has become borderline too lengthy when 2 hour lectures in college weren't unheard of and many, many, oh so very many hours of church services were a staple of my childhood. 

Clip number one, which, like the Awesome kid, also features a future paleontologist: 

After locating the clips, I’m compelled to look up dates for the show (’98 to ’00) and Men in Black (1997). I have erroneously assumed that the clips correlate with Another One Bites the Dust (1980) and Jurassic Park (1993) which I’ve established in my cognitive timeline as “A Long Time Ago” versus Men in Black which I’ve established as “Fairly Recent.” 

I feel very old secondary to my poorly constructive cognitive timeline. Also, it becomes apparent, that this series is based on Art Linkletter’s television series from ’45 to ’69 and at one time ideas for television traveled from the US to the UK rather than the reverse. Little kids with that awesome accent make things even funnier. 

Multiple tangental searches follow including discovery of a similar show with Heidi Klum on Lifetime.

However, while as disturbing as my neurological functioning may be, I want to return to Cosby: 

But wait! (you might say) Where is the Cosby and Hitler correlation that was promised in Part One? (Unless you haven’t read Part One and then you are more likely to say something like Look, I read this thing with the cognitive issues and the scattered direction and what are you talking about?)

Ha! It is now 12:46 AM and while I am ambling towards this goal, I need to attempt some retention of functioning tomorrow.  Apparently there will be a Part Three. 

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