Thursday, June 26, 2014

Happy? I can fix that.

This is for the ladies who have, per popular marketing media, exceeded the age of happiness.  

(That is, unless you are willing and able to purchase their product of appearance restoration on a fairly regular basis.)   

You know those points in times, mature appearance or not, when you are reasonably happy?  

The point when you refuse to eat another celery stick because they just become a conduit for ranch dip consumption?

The point when you accept that you and swimsuits have a different, more mature type of relationship now involving mutual respect?

The point when your 16 year old kid watches a clip of the actor you had a crush on when you were a 16 year old kid, and acknowledges that your taste in men wasn’t abysmal?

This isn’t the post for those days. 

Soak those times up because, if my days are any indication of yours, there aren’t many of them.

However, should you need an additional reason to falter in contentment . . .

look up the years these guys were born . . .

calculate how old you were . . . 

then click on over to youtube videos of puppies . . .

because puppies will make you feel better. 

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