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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The List

I have a very intimate relationship with chronic, insomnia producing anxiety. One way to circumvent my anxiety-maze is to make lists. 

In addition to the ubiquitous to do lists, long term goals, items to pack, troubleshooting steps, study guide summaries, books to read, authors to avoid, birthstones, common chemical compounds, chronological order of US presidents, British monarchies, artistic movements, percentages of the population that belong to a specific religion, and of course grocery store needs, have all been written out.  

How many times was it critical to find my expenditure on electricity from 1993 to 2008? Well, that would be never, but if I need to I'm prepared. 

I usually keep a small calendar in my purse.  Years ago, I was looking through it and I noticed some upcoming entries.  Buy a penguin. Go to Japan. Learn to knit. My kid had added some entries, hoping I would accept them as my own and follow the directions. 

What I would find helpful, are more items like this: 

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