Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Um . . . so where you been?

You know how you are going along in life? Those weeks where a few loads of laundry are getting done, the kid is rocking out some homework and catching up at work may actually be feasible?  

And sure, pants size may be climbing up in increments, and a mountain of stuff needs to be moved, sorted, returned or given away but you got a plan.

And then . . . well . . . I’m trying to find a way to put this with an expression of how astronomically horrible events became but while also not giving the family court system a coronary. 

Lets say this . . . major dental surgery ended up being one of the more pleasant activities that occurred in the past two weeks. 

So, once again, thanks for all of you peeking in to see if I regained any hold on functionality. And yep - a very strained grasp on functionality is about where things stand.  

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