Friday, January 24, 2014

You are missing a component.

Oh my! For the past five - count them - FIVE days I have sat on the bed / desk (you know, when half of the bed is covered in work related flotsam and jetsam) ready and willing to Blog.  Sadly, one component of Blogging success has been missing.

That would be the ability to Blog.  I am afflicted with an “all-technological-things-I-touch-become-infested-with-some-type-of-self-aware-demonic-spirit” disorder.

More about this disorder in an upcoming post.  I’m pretty sure there are enough of us with a tech deficient disorder that we could form some pretty sizable support groups. The irony being, feasibility would involve internet communication of some kind or gatherings within smoke signal distance of each other.

Refusal of blog production has been on two fronts.

First, Google, the parent of blogspot, is having a complete meltdown. Well, more like a stiff legged tantrum. It would appear that a substantial portion of the blogspot community, myself included, has had the audacity to mismatch their “compile time user.agent value” with their “run time user.agent value.” Evidently this is “BAD” and has prevented a wide range of Bloggers from Blogging.
Google’s response? Something along the lines of, “Well we can’t change every little piece of our system immediately, so stop nagging us about it.” (Probably not a verbatim quote but you get the idea.) The best part is the inclusion, at the end of the Error Message, warning, “Expect more errors.”

My suggestion would be, how about spending time assessing development, production and implementation BEFORE releasing it? (Mircosoft, are you listening!?! Affordable care act, are you . . . of course you aren't.) This is especially damaging if you consider that bloggers have already shown familiarity with written expression and will probably be the most likely group to post a hostile account of their experiences. 

The second front is covered in the next post.

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