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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I need at least one of these!

My list of baby animals that I need to one day own, keeps growing.  Generally I am not a fan of animals made to don apparel but there are a few exceptions.  

Weather gear? I can get behind that.

Superhero garb? If done correctly meaning staying on the side of a thoughtful tongue and cheek without sloping into the trailer trash overkill.
But if I ever get a baby sloth, a photo in pajamas may be a necessity.
Topping my list is a giraffe. Granted the HOA regulations state that nothing from the backyard may be visible from the street so I may get some letters about it.

Option two is a penguin. I’m pretty sure there are no HOA regulations preventing a combo ice rink and swimming pool.

My daughter, on the other hand, would vote that Totoro lives in the backyard. However, she is more insightful than her mom and believes that his size would be problematic.  He also likes to climb trees and I don’t have a tree that would accommodate his girth. 
Not to mention, my kid reminds me, he is a fictitious anime character.  Well fine for now but when she comes over to play with the giraffe and penguin, I bet she changes her mind.


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