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Sunday, December 8, 2013

What is wrong with America?

In two words,
what do you think is wrong with America?

Corrupt Politicians
Biased Media
Wall Street

Voter Apathy

Illegal Drugs

National Debt 

 Gay Rights

Stupid Citizens

Gun Control


Perpetual War

Government Bureaucracy 

Tax Code  
And the Homo's Devil Machine?
(Ok - more than two words
but how could I not include it?)

All have excellent points,
but the one I have always gone with is:
Paris Hilton
Arrogant, morally bankrupt, stupid,
mean spirited and entitled. 
From a Darwinian perspective,
the inevitable path of trust fund babies
who are generations away
from an actual money making relative.   
While Paris is still my top choice,
there is a new contender,
the tongue thrusting,
twerk mistress
Miley Cyrus.
It isn’t a close race yet,
but Miley is a couple years behind
and she might make up for the slower start.

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