Saturday, December 14, 2013

blogging hiatus

So you know how sometimes you want stuff and you go to get stuff and you say may I have this stuff and the clerk says why yes, that will be $3,000.


And then you say money!?! I have something better than money.  I have an amusing little blog you may be interested in . . .


You see where I’m going with this right?


So in favor of stuff and keeping my job, I suppose I should document what I’ve done instead of just doing what I did.


It will be a blogging hiatus for a bit BUT I’ve got stuff coming!


Now Am Found! said...

i will miss you.

marchmatron said...

Well thanks - It makes me SO happy that someone actually reads this crazy stuff.

A few days to pull together a few months of charting and then I'm picking it up again.

Too many ridiculous things are going on and I couldn't possibly keep my mouth shut!