Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pay it Forward

A post from my sister-in-law:

The person in front of us at Starbucks this morning paid for our order! How cool is that. So we pay for the car behind us.  What a fun way to start the day.


I LOVE it! One person shells out $10 and who knows how many people have a better day.


Here are my two stories of when I completely failed at being charitable.


I took out student loans to get my master’s degree and every damn quarter, for two years, they messed it up. So the start of one quarter I’m standing in a very long line. Once again, they have misplaced my money. 
There is a guy at the other end of the Student Services building.  He is blind and it is obvious that he can’t find his way out of the building.  So I’m having a debate with myself. After I've stood there for two hours, I am almost at the front of the line. Everyone else in the line seems content to watch as this guy gets more confused and frustrated.
Finally, I made a plan.  I’m going to ask the person behind me if they would save my spot in line and then go help this guy. It’s a good plan and I’m starting to turn around, when one of the Student Services staff comes up and asks if he would like some help.

The guy gratefully accepts and 22 years later I still think about how I just stood there.

It was Memorial Day a few years ago.  The store was packed and the lines were long. An elderly guy was at the register trying to buy some mums. I was about six people back but I got the basics of what was going on. They guy was confused and the checker was giving him attitude.  (He was about $10 short.)
Now what I absolutely should have done was walked up, given the checker some return attitude and paid for the damn mums, but I stood there like an idiot, not processing options fast enough.
They guy leaves, without the mums. I pay for my stuff and give the checker a piece of my mind, then decide I’ll go look for the guy in the parking lot. 
I make it to where they have mums outside the store.  The guy has “liberated” three pots into the back seat of his car and is in the process of driving away.
(Unaware of tourists taking his photos, the policeman is buying the homeless man shoes.)
I made my way to my car and a lady who was in line, farther back than I was, asked if I had been able to give the guy money because she wanted to chip in.  I told her what had happened and her response was, “Good for him.”  

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