Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I’ve Misplaced my Role AND my Model!

I’m not exactly sure when I lost them, I have a general idea, but lost them I have.  One thing I am absolutely sure of, they won’t stumble home on their own and I am too damn old to go look for them.

So as I kid, I had an unusual upbringing.  A Mom and Dad with absolute, off the chart, smarts along with a dedicated involvement in the Mormon Church. Both parents promoted a “Use Your Brain” philosophy and both repelled by the wet T-shirt, can’t chew gum and walk, crowd.

Pondering female independence as a kid, it wasn’t a big leap to the conclusion that money equals leisure, choices and expanded horizons. Women and money appeared to be (and STILL appear to be) related to three classifications.

Classification One: those of the do nothing to work towards success but have success thrust upon them. 

Lottery winners, yes, but much more than that, think of any recent “reality” show were the relative who actually made the family fortune would be the first to say, “There is no way those nit-wits are related to me!” Since my last name isn’t a household name, recognizable to a product, the only way I am meeting these parameters is with a fairy Godmother.  If she hasn’t shown up by now I’m thinking this should not be my plans for an early retirement.

Classification Two: I don’t want to say you are a hooker . . . but . . .

So married or mistress, your daddy is of the sugar variety for one reason and honey it isn’t your witty conversation. The issues with this is there will always be someone who can trump your looks, age and sex appeal. Your marketability has an expiration date.

Classification Three: Get out there and earn it your own damn self!

In my opinion, the biggest stumbling block is getting old enough to see the place in line where you want to be and the place in line where you are going to be, but being young enough that you still have options. 

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