Friday, November 1, 2013

Fair Warning?

My friend is an outspoken, devoted atheist. She wants to take a tour of the new Mormon Temple before it is dedicated and the public won’t be able to get in.

I asked my Mormon sister-in-law, since it is probable that the roof will collapse when we step inside, should I issue a warning to those in attendance? She seems to think it will go without incidence, at least building collapsing incident.
I’m not too sure.  I’m taking no chances and keeping a ten foot radius from my friend at all times.  My thinking being, if we could both be taken out with the same flying object, that might prove to be too tempting. 
So my sister-in-law asked if she should follow behind us offering apologies. Not a bad thought but she might not want any of the authorities to know we are related.  It could prove awkward in the future.

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