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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Slacker Blog

Has it really been that long since I posted anything!?! You would think with our national leaders once again in an exemplarity role of doing what’s right for the country or my upcoming and continued participation in the Utah family court system or the election of Pope it’s-about-time Francis, that I would have something to say.

I do! For example, what provisions are made if a member of congress is suddenly committed to a psychiatric facility for an extended period of time? How about if several, no ALL of the Capital Hill politicians needed similar placement? Just thinking of options and possibly the very best use of any allotted health care dollars. 

So my decline into blogging non-compliance is secondary to two factors.  The type cover for my surface has slowly slipped into a semi-functional state. Not to worry, Microsoft is aware of the problem and working to fix it. Could I make a small suggestion? Generally customers are happier with products that are sold AFTER issues have been resolved. Now I’m bouncing between the type cover and the tap screen. My favorite is when I accidently press something that shuts the word program down sending everything I’ve typed into electronic purgatory.

The other issues is my ever deepening pile of charting for work.  When was it that I lost my drive and ability to stay up until things were done?  I guess the when is not as relevant.  The inability is more of the salient point.  I keep returning to the idea that it is better to actually solve a problem than to take twice as long documenting it. Perhaps congress can address that issue too.

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