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Sunday, October 6, 2013




I am relatively limited in my understanding and use of technology. So after the I don’t know how many laptops fell and bit the dust. (I have a harem of semi functional, refurbished, inexpensive laptops that the kid is forced to cobble together if she wants to do anything with technology.)

I buckled up and bought the Mircosoft Surface.  With assurances that this had all the ability of both a tablet and a desk top computer I went on my way.  That was about two months ago. Since then, I’ve had the Surface replaced and had to buy a new type cover.


Today was another special, special day in my continued use of the Surface.  The battery is crap and considering I have a very unpleasant plane ride tomorrow and another on Monday I wanted to find out if there was an external power pack that I could bring with me onto the airplane. I did not need an extra power cord. (See where I’m going with this? Airplane equals no power outlet hence the request for an independent source of power.)

I don’t know what big words tripped them up or if they are completely unfamiliar with air travel but after calling three locations I was assured there was such a thing for $80. OK great.  I’ll happily pay $80 for my sanity. 

Purchased said item, once again reviewing the need the store manager.  Crappy battery. Airplane. No outlet. Another source of power? I get home and it is a freaking power cord. I have a power cord and it is fine power cord. It delivers power from the outlet to the Surface. I am in serious doubt that the second power cord will charge my device with any more alacrity or longevity.


So now I get to return the power cord, return the defective surface and return the defective keyboard. So I’m thinking the throw way, refurbished notebooks are the way to go.

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