Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy Population Decimation Day

“The father of the transatlantic slave trade
is honored on the same level as
Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.”
The Oatmeal
I missed the Monday posting to wish you all a Happy Population Decimation Day. I’m guessing most of us didn’t get the day off work and the government workers who did have several more days at home and after so it probably wasn’t very memorable.

“When asked what the Indians called America
before the white man came,
they simply said, “Ours."
Vine Deloria

It makes no sense.  As a nation, we celebrate a day, named for guy who didn’t know where he was going, wasn’t the first to discover anything and whose name isn’t the moniker of areas North or South. (To be fair, Amerigo Vespucci did end up with two continents attached to his name and he did less than our buddy Chris.)

“Columbus discovered the New World
much like a meteorite discovered the dinosaurs.”
The Oatmeal

However, Chris did initiate the largest spread of sexually transmitted diseases . . . ever. A little Gonorrhea for the New World and a little Syphilis for the Old World.  It’s nice when everyone gets something.

“We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock,
Plymouth Rock landed on us.”
Malcolm X

And, if that isn’t enough, he opened the door to infecting and killing millions of people, disrupting the global economy and making African slaves the dominant commodity.


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Anonymous said...

As my friend said on Facebook, Happy Columbus Day! Have you had your Syphilis test yet? J