Saturday, October 26, 2013


While spending an enormous amount of time on line (like you do) I try to justify it (like you do) by clipping stuff and clicking it into folders on my desktop.  (Not sure if you do that or not but if you do then, like you do.)

Now I understand my Grandmother much better.  She would spend hours sitting at her kitchen table with the newspaper. She clipped dozens of articles per paper, anything she thought was interesting and anything she thought someone else should know. I don’t remember what she did with them once clipped. I assume they went into a box or a drawer never to be seen again. She would have loved the internet and spent all day and night searching for the eclectic mix of stuff she was interested in!


My downfall (one of than anyway) is my inability to attend to time management and my inability to focus on the task at hand.  So I start browsing at 5:00 pm with clips of Senators Cruz and Lee and at 3:00 am I’m searching for instructions on how to catch and raise a penguin.


Also, by that time, I’ve had a good four hours of inner dialog. “Put the tablet down. I said put it down! Now! Keep your hands up and with no sudden movements slowly turn out the light and get into bed.”

Most of the salient points of the inner dialog involve bribery, cajoling, threats, rational persuasion and reverse psychology. Obviously I do not find my own arguments for going to bed compelling.  Then my restless leg syndrome really kicks in and I start the nightly pacing ritual, laptop balanced in one hand, typing with the other.


Around 4:00 am to 6:00 am I have to decide; do I sleep for a few hours or should I just get up and start working? Working usually wins. I wonder how long an individual can be sleep deprived before they become completely irrational. And if they become completely irrational will they know they are irrational or because they are irrational will they think they are rational?


Well, that strayed from the topic at hand. Having an 18+ rating on the 1 to 10 compulsion scale, I am not capable of anything beyond sloth speed when trying to compose a post. Heaven forbid I miss that perfect quote or photo that was just one click away. 


I’ll let you in on a secret.  It never is just one click away.  One click away is usually some completely irrelevant tween post or weird alien abduction stuff.  But one click away from that might be the answer to all global problems or it might be 38 minutes of kittens rolling on the floor. Are you really going to take that chance?

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