Sunday, September 1, 2013

Parental Success!

 My oldest and her boyfriend are hanging out today. She is watching Patrick Swayze in the North and the South. The boyfriend is a little concerned that as a mini-series he could be in for several hours of Patrick.

Well, obviously! We had a little Patrick discussion. Conclusion? Watching him sit in a chair for 12 hours would be preferable to many, many other activities I can think of.


“Good looking people turn me off. Myself included.” Patrick Swayze

“You can imagine me as a kid growing up in redneck Texas with ballet shoes, tucking the violin under my arm. I had to fight my way up.” Patrick Swayze

"I like to believe that I've got a lot of guardian warriors sitting on my shoulder." Patrick Swayze

"The way to screw up somebody's life is to give them what they want." Patrick Swayze

"Everything is designed to help you sell out." Patrick Swayze

“If I leave this Earth, I want to leave this Earth just knowing I've tried to give something back and tried to do something worthwhile with myself.” Patrick Swayze

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