Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Canine Equivalent



To prevent the boys from marking in the house, I have them temporarily in kennels in my room. It makes for an obstacle course to get in and out of the door but I want to keep both my dogs and my sanity, I mean my carpet and my dogs.  Sanity is no longer an option and this arrangement appears to be the only immediate solution for keeping the other two. 



Usually they would rather rest on the plastic bottom of the kennel because it is cool. However, I decided to up the comfort level and I bought a fluffy mat for each kennel.  Odin immediately adapts, flops down and is ready to watch the entertainment.



Oscar, on the other hand, is not pleased with this arrangement.  He pushes, pulls and growls until the mat is crumpled in a corner.  He flops down but continues to berate the intruder. Then he starts in earnest to dismantle the thing. Fortunately, he doesn’t have much room to maneuver and I manage to take it away from him before he can tear off pieces.  Content, he stretches out on the plastic. 


The next round of “outside” occurs and as we come back, Oscar makes a heroic bolt, lands in Odin’s kennel and sets about with domestic keeping. Odin gives me the look, “Mom! He’s doing it again.” So Oscar’s mat goes back in the kennel and Oscar has an all-night-long love hate relationship with it.  He finally makes a compromise, mat on one half of the floor, the majority of Oscar on the other half but with some contact indicating possible acceptance. I have the canine equivalent of a crabby toddler.    

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