Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pushup Bras and Academics

At this point in my life, I am not interested in wearing tight, structured items of apparel, particularly when they contain a supportive wire in each cup.

Every pushup bra I’ve ever owned has soon or later attempted to expel the half circle, metal struts which make the pushup possible. Once that happens the game is over.  No amount of hand stitching is going to keep them from poking out into your armpits.  I confess I have had my share of bathroom bra removal.  However, the article in question finds it way tucked into a big instead of draped on the back of a chair.


Maybe she is making a point. A little sign of protest. I hope so, it would be great to see rows of bras, chair draped, through the study section of the library. “We will study and we will graduate but we’re doing it on our terms and that means no perky body parts until after finals.” 
One of the most ridiculously uncomfortable exams I took was the medical aptitude test (MCAT). Incredibly long and absolutely brutal. I took it shortly after my oldest kid was born.  For you nursing moms, you’ll get what I’m saying. It was closing in on lunch time and I was hoping, along with trying to pick the correct responses to physics questions, that I could make it to the breast pump in my car.  If not, there was going to be some serious wardrobe malfunction requiring different apparel. 


 Fortunately a change in shirt wasn’t necessary and by the end of the second half of the exam, I was in no mood to care what leaked where and how it appeared.


My mom was in law school when I started at the University.  Each law student had a little carrel assigned to them in the law library and if I had some time between classes I would walk over and study. One day, mid-year, I guess the pressure was too much to cope with and some students had strung a variety clothes, including various undergarments, clothesline style from one end of the library ceiling to the other end of the library ceiling. Making it even funnier, the law library has a fairly high ceilings with no ready access so they had to be pretty dedicated to the prank.


One more bra-related story.  At GWU, to promote Breast Cancer screening, some group had made several large banners encouraging self-examination and mammograms.  A particularly large banner read, “Breast Awareness Month!”  My male friend and fellow classmate commented, “I don’t think we need a special month for breast awareness. We are aware of them every month.”   As far as the carrels in the medical school library? Well let’s just say it is tradition that every few months, a couple will engage in activities where the removal of undergarments comes into play.

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