Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where Hell spends the summer

Arizona . . .
Where summer spends the winter
and hell spends the summer. 
Are you familiar with the movie line,
“We moved here!?!
So, I’m picturing the pioneers from the Westward Expansion,
wagon trains and hand carts tossed up a line of dust,
clearly announcing that crazy people are on their way.
And, frankly,
anyone getting a good look at the choice in traveling apparel
would confirm the assessment of
“all kinds of crazy.”
What I want to know is why didn’t the women of that day
start the sexual revolution 
then and there?
At least one of them must have said,
“Look at all this bullshit:
Stockings bloomers, petticoat, chemise, corset,
underskirt, long sleeved, high neck
dress, a bonnet
and the world’s most uncomfortable shoes?
“And no soap, shampoo, toothpaste or more than one pair of underwear
(and what kind of fool doesn’t know that a company of pioneers,
walking across the desert,
for days on end
are going to need some hygiene opportunities!?!)
“And, not only is the attire pushing everyone into heat stroke,
there is no Damn map,
compass, GPS, Off-ramp signs
or directions scribbled on an empty McDonald’s bag.”

"So, let me get this straight.
We are going to walk for days
in temperatures most wood burning stoves would be envious of,
while wearing 40 pounds of layered clothes,
within smelling distance of each other
and we are going in a direction that may
or may not lead to an untimely death?"
"Oh Hell no!"  
Then she cut the legs off her bloomers
making shorty shorts,
tied a bandana as a halter top
and went to find some damn shade. 

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