Tuesday, July 16, 2013


One) Techno-Savvy?

A Dad and some Techno- Savvy
Can’t make it to the wedding? No problem.  I’ll photo shop myself in there.

A Mom and not so much Savvy 


Two) Text Savvy?

A text from my dad yesterday:  

6:01 Dad: This is your dad.
6:01 Dad: Is your texting working?
6:02 Me: Hi Dad
6:06 Me: Hi Dad?
6:08 Dad: (text re my current medical situation)
6:10 Me: (response with very hilarious sarcastic joke)
6:12 Dad: (response with literal concern)
6:15 Me: (response with an apology because successful sarcasm via text is really damn difficult to pull off and outside of my ability.)
6:21 Me: (Giving him a bit of time, I add a few details)
6:38 Me: (Few more details)
6:51 Me: Did you get disconnected?
6:52 Me: Just send me "k"
I attempt to call him twice
I have a fb chat with my kid.  “Mom, I don’t think he knows how to text.”
9:44 Dad: (Response as if mid conversation)
9:45 Me: Please tell me it did not take you 2.5 hours to text that
9:06 Dad: No. I was just away from my phone for that long
9:06 Me: K 

Three) Pic Savvy - team work - kick butt  - do what it takes to get the photo?


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