Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Few Ubiquitous Items

Having been in and out of thousands of homes with sick people, there are a few ubiquitous items that are "tells" that a sick person is in residence. Some are obvious like the pump swish of an oxygen concentrator and some are a little more subtle, like a collection of medication bottles, mail / paperwork and food containers clustered in one area.  It would easily be mistaken for clutter except even in immaculate houses there is this this cluster.  It is generally on the night stand, occasionally on the coffee table and once in a while on a kitchen counter.

So forward to my house.  I love having things clean and organized. I love it enough that I traded the cost of cable to hire a housekeeper and I'm paying someone to help organize and put away the latest move. But there is the pump swish coming from the corner and a few tanks scattered here and there.  (I’m thinking an  intruder who gets clocked by and oxygen tank may thing twice so I probably need them in more strategic locations.) On my night stand are, five bottles of pills, a takeout box for one of my favorite turkey sandwiches (eaten two small bites, long, long pause and two small bites) and on the side of my bed, a stack of bills, home improvement papers, calendar and to do lists, and other stuff I’m working on.

The bottom line? I officially have a sick person’s house and I’ll know I’m getting better when I put the med bottles in the cupboard in the bathroom.  Illness recovery, as outlined by me.  

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