Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Work from Home

Want to know one of the best perks of a work from home job?

Participating in virtual staff meetings, power point presentations and policy reviews while sitting on my bed, in my pajamas, balancing my check book and eating leftover pizza.

Anyone remember how we managed to maintain the “that is so very interesting” face for two hours while the slightly revised “food in break room” policy was reviewed and a question and answer period was provided?
And there was ALWAYS that one person, who had a fascinating life story to share with the group that had a tangential connection, at best, to the topic at hand.  

“When I was in Florence, Florence in Italy, and I've been there many times since, there was a book store that sold books! It’s true!“  

The down side of virtual? I continue to misplace my lidless pens somewhere on my very professional bed / desk.  This leads to many blotches of ink explosion on the bedding.  

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