Saturday, June 22, 2013


You know how you go about doing the day to day stuff and you wake up one day and think, “Well, that’s not quite the direction I intended to go.” And, by this time, ambition and energy have plummeted and you’ve started doing stuff that, in your youth, you associated with old people.   Nope? Just me?


Well, I passed a little milestone.  60,000 hit on the blog!  And sadly, I do understand that compared to the daily views of Youtube “cute kittens sleeping” or “skateboard takes on stairs” it is a paltry sum. However, for me, the socially challenged recluse, I would like to think that if I were immobilized by something heavy, or kidnapped by a group of reality challenged Pat Robertson’s devotees or dead on the kitchen floor, that someone, somewhere would eventually notice my absence.


So thanks for participating! I’m 60,000 views of happy!

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