Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Berner story

It’s occurring to me that I have an excess of puppy stories. It all comes from living such a wild life style.  Fascinating “I was at this new club . . .”   stories get replaced with fascinating “I was sitting at home . . .” stories.


Anyway, of the top 100 dog breeds in America, Bernese Mountain Dogs made a jump from No. 79 in 2002, No. 56 in 2012 and in 2013?  The Berners are No. 17 (tied with the Great Dane.) That is a bunch of Berners!

Why are they so fabulous? Well, they are pretty cute, in a fluffy Muppet kind of way. They are also fairly mellow and tolerate an abundance of small dog and small kid harassment.

Another benefit? They are not the brightest breed. Why, you say, would you not want a puppy genius? Because smart dogs are typically Houdini dogs. They escape the back yard within minutes of their capture and they meander off on a quest to give their lives meaning.  

I have once again strayed a bit from the topic at hand.

Because of their tendency to mark in the house, (I blame the Chihuahua for this one. Before he came around there was not issue.) the boys get to sit in crates when they are inside.

Oscar is big enough that when he sits too close to the back of the crate, the entire back panel bows outward.  If he really leans, the front of the crate will start to come up off the floor and he has pushed at the sides a few times, almost making the crate roll to the side.

I’m glad he isn’t too bright because escape would be relatively easy.

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