Monday, May 20, 2013

Customer Service and the Lack Thereof

The continued adventure of one mom’s attempt at finding functioning phone service

Like an idiot, I decide to look for online customer reviews AFTER I am three months invested. (Feel free to laugh at my expense.)

The Straight Talk Wireless Plan From Walmart:
Horrible Service, But At Least They’re Consistent!
1,095 negative comments and 94 positive comments.
Overall rating of 32.9 out of 200.

At this point, despite assurances otherwise, my actual phone number is not my prior number but my billing number is my old number. The result? My phone is “deactivated” a few times each day, requiring a lengthy phone call to where ever their outsourced call center was located.

“Well Ma’am, we do not have good coverage in your area.” “Let me make sure I understand. You are telling me, inadequate cell tower coverage would cause my phone to deactivate and direct me to pay for additional service? AND, at the same time, you are telling me your product is basically worthless?” “Please turn the phone off and then on.” 

A few posted interactions from the Straight Talk Blog:

You have without a doubt the absolute worse customer service I have ever encountered in my life.  I don’t know how you stay in business. You really do get what you pay for.

Hi, this is April from Straight Talk.  We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.  We can help you with this issue. Please email us with your contact information.  Have a great day!

You suck!!!!!!

Hi, this is April from Straight Talk.  We’re sorry to hear about what happened to your account.  You can email us for assistance regarding this matter.  Have a great day!

April, don’t waste my time or yours posting your canned response.  You would need access to a time machine to make this right.  Trust me, before I am finished with Straight Talk, you people will wish you had never gone into the cell phone business. That’s a promise between you, me and God!

Hi, this is April from Straight Talk.  We apologize for the trouble this may have caused you.  Please email your number and full names so we can help you get this issue resolved.  Have a great day!

From an online product review article: “I can smell the class action lawsuit.”

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