Saturday, May 18, 2013

Customer Service and the Lack Thereof

The Telephonically Challenged

I was eight years with T-Mobile.  Their customer service was pretty good.  Solid B to B+ range.  Then it plummeted.  So, unwilling to expend any more money on fees, I waited a year for the contract to expire before cancelling.
During that year, with little or no self-preservation skills, the geniuses would call. “Just checking in and by the way, don’t you want to renew your contract? It’s going to expire in 8 months and you really want to jump on that.”  Then 30 seconds in to the call, “Ma’am, we don’t have to listen to abusive comments.” So here is an idea, look at the call log on my account.  Notice that there just might have been an extensive and ongoing history of displeasure.   Then say to yourself,  “Hmmmm.  Perhaps this is not the customer to market to.”

Free of the T-Mobile burden, and unwilling to obligate myself by contract, I get a month to month service. Then, as discussed, my phone either develops self-awareness or becomes demonically possessed because calls are no longer under my control. Phone goes back to some country providing outsourced services and the new phone arrives.

I know what you’re thinking, but wait, it gets better.  My old phone number was assigned to the kid’s new phone so when my replacement phone came I could change it back to me.  Lord knows no one calls me as it is so if they had to remember a new number my chances of interaction are nil.

Customer care is located in, well it’s hard to guess where but somewhere over seas. Either that or there is a population of English as a Second Languages somewhere in a call center in Ohio.

So after many, "Ma'am I would like you to turn you phone off and then on." They assure me there will be no problem changing phone numbers and push this button, wait for an extraordinary length of time while they do who knows what, push another button, power off than on, wait some more while they go on lunch break. And Ta Da, all is well in the universe. Except it isn’t.

Follow up calls. “Well Ma’am, it should be working.” Yep it probably should because that is what a functional company would do.  However, I have direct eye contact with the phone and let’s just assume that I’m not spending hours talking to you just to mess around with you customer service employees.”

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