Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Best Third Date Ever!

About seven years ago, I talked myself into internet dating and it went about how you would expect.  Lots of slime ball, married men trying to spread their oh-so-valuable genetic material to corners far and wide with a few nice single guys and sorting one from another became a little ridiculous.

The first internet date I agreed to went well, I thought, and I anticipated a call sometime later. I got a call but not from the person I expected.  His wife called, tearful and apologetic, saying she had just accessed his email and was devastated. (It was actually a slap up-side the head for me too because I didn’t question his marital status.)  
Having experienced more than my fair share of uncovering philandering, and having made a few awkward calls to “girlfriends”, I was very supportive and strongly suggested she get out. But she had little kids and really wanted to make it work and loved him.  My response? So did I, and putting it off a few years doesn’t make it any easier.  

Well, that little story quickly derailed all things pleasant, didn’t it!?!

Moving along, I tried speed dating and it was crazy and fun and I met a very nice guy and we started dating. 

It wasn’t too long into the foray that he requested a ride to a medical procedure, and so for date number three I took him to get a vasectomy.  (Something he had been considering for years and thought it may be prudent in the future.)

Being a practical kind of girl, I’m thinking, a similar third date for a portion of the population may not be a bad idea.

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