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Thursday, April 11, 2013

That was a GREAT idea.

In trying to plan for the upcoming move, I’m scrambling for back yard, puppy accommodations because new carpet and messy puppies are not a good combination. 


So far, I’ve found a guy who builds air conditioned dog house.  Terrific, because the Berners melt in anything above 70 degrees.

I need to find someone who can put in a dog run so I’ll have a chance that my sprinkler system will remain functional.

Like most yards here, mine is zero-scaped in the front. (Local plants and small, smooth rocks as ground cover.) Great! Considering my objection to gardening, I am all for something I can ignore. However, the back yard is covered in super pointy, golf ball sized, red rocks. 

I must ask. Why? Why would anyone, actively contemplating a ground cover, decide on an impassable, and possibly Satanic, material effectively making the yard unusable.  It makes no sense to me.

“Let’s put in sod.” “No! Put in Astroturf!” “We should do pavers and make a huge patio.” “I think a border of plants and flowers would be great.” “I’m voting for an elaborate series of fountains with a winding brook and coy pond.” “How about the smooth little rocks like in the front yard.”
“Wait a moment!! I think I’ve got it. Rocks, but sharp rocks, covering the whole yard.”  “That’s it! Rocks that could sever toes if you walk across them barefoot!” “Oh, and let’s get something that will absorb sunlight and make them too hot to step on. Burns and cuts should discourage most people.”


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Rachel said...


ps my sister in law is a handy woman here in town and could probably help you build a dog run, etc... let me know :)