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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Laptop Collection

A brief review of the unavoidable acquisition of laptops.

Laptop One
Status: broken screen from a fall
Location: siting in a drawer somewhere.
Financial Outcome: Unfortunately purchased without a warranty.


Laptop Two
Status: broken screen from a fall (seeing a pattern?)
Location: tethered to a screen in my kids room (making the whole idea of portability irrelevant.)
Financial Outcome: Warranty purchased, refund check obtained.


Laptop Three
Status: Broken keyboard, now repaired
Location: Sitting on my bed/desk
Financial Outcome: Warranty purchased, repaired for free but gone for an extensive amount of time.


Laptop Four (a work computer)
Status: connect to online isn’t working
Location: Sitting on my bed /desk


Laptop Five (another work computer)
Status: Having a password meltdown and unable to access.
Location: You guessed it, sitting on my bed / desk. (I've got it worked out a system, half the bed has stuff all over it and I sleep at the very edge taking up as little room as possible.)


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