Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Few Biscuits Shy of a Full Box

The two big dogs are not the smartest of dogs.  Everything, evidently is not only edible but is also delicious.  When they suspect a treat may be involved, there is an immediate bum plant and two sets of enormous brown eyes follow me around the room, bums scooting to the left or the right, accompanied by furious tail wagging.  

The little dog is much more devious and discriminating. When in competition with the big boys for treats he has a tendency to gage the time and trajectory of the treat leaving my hand, arcing through the air and being snapped up in a large pair of jaws. He can successfully snatch it about a third the time.  The big boys look around, puzzled that their treat has disappeared.

When the little dog is alone, his pallet is suddenly so refined that only particular treats will be considered.  If he is offered something not meeting his expectations he either gives me a disparaging look and nonchalantly walks off or he condescends to hold the treat in his mouth for a few seconds before placing it at my feet and then wandering off.

The other day, the little dog was sitting on the bed accepting treats while the big boys sat on the floor swallowing their treats whole.  The little dog would take his treat and attempt to nuzzle the covers over it for future retrieval.  After he had spent about five minutes pushing and pulling the covers, he assessed the situation, found it adequate and went on his way. Unfortunately for him it didn’t do much to disguise the cache.

Within a few minutes, Oscar circled the bed, observed treats right at his muzzle level and not one to look a gift hours in the mouth, he made a grab and run in one motion.  (He knows if he can bolt out into the back yard I won’t chase him and he is home free with whatever booty he has stolen.)

A while later, errands finished, the little dog meanders back.  He goes to check on his stash and finds it gone. This leads to a methodical search of the bed and surrounding area. Dejected, he walks back to me, curls up on my lap and calls it a day.

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