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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Officially a Teen!


My tween is now a teen.  What a difference one year makes.  She is interested in Justin Beiber and all minutia related to said individual and boys in her class and the injustice of how the girls in her class treat them.  She is also interested in Volley ball, basketball, softball and anything else involving a team of teens moving a ball from one area of a field to another.  And, for the first time ever, she actually wants to go shopping but not with me of course, because that would be ridiculous.

So, just to make her nuts, here are a few quotes from her little girl days.


On the way to the pool, do you want to go swimming? “No. I done. No, I watch.”

She commonly wanders around the house calling, “Binky? Are you?”

Referring to her old sister, she informs me, ”Naughty Sierra. Nice me!”


I wish that cute toddler age lasted another few years.

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