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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mortgage - and other small details

So this is a happy little tale of my mortgage (and probably more honesty than my attorney would condone) but that is what makes life interesting and frankly I’m pissed.

So, review my situation, I am a single mom. Have a master’s degree and have worked almost all of my adult life.  Went to medical school, with my ex, dropped out of medical school to be a mom of two teeny kido’s.  I guess the wisdom of this will be up for debate for many years in the future.

(And my attorney would thank me for the paragraph I just erased.  It involved IQ of sock puppets and new boobies!)

So finally, after court filing date July 28, 2011 (filed by the ex I might add to decrease the odious burden of paying child support and alimony) and first payment of realistic child support and alimony received February 20, 2013.  Why does this suck?

Well, let me first say, through all of this, I’ve been able to keep my credit score pretty high, and by that I mean really high.  Also, I’ve worked in the field for 20 plus years and generally had pretty steady income. Which, God knows, I am very, very grateful for.

But would you not think, the rat bastards at the bank, that I bailed out and lost half of my 401K, would say, I think we will make more money by lending her money? Evidently not.  I qualify for a FHA loan which means I get to pay them a ridiculous sum of money for mortgage insurance up front and then every month even though I can pay 10% down on my loan.  

And why do I not qualify for a conventional loan? Because my rat bastard (relationship to the bank) ex husband does not have a history of paying me what I am due in child support and alimony for 6 months.   

Somewhere, someone, probably an adult female deity is banging her head against a wall.


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