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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Berners –v- Bunnies

I’m under contract for The New House, earnest money put down, appraisal still needed and loan options not yet finalized. I’m just a little pessimistic about life in general and my life in particular, so I’m anticipating a plague or genetically engineered flying scorpions to appear before closing.

Anyway, at The New House there are little cotton tail bunnies that run under the fence and hang out in the yard.  The yard, while not as desolate as my current Afghanistan-like yard of dirt and dead palm trees, is not exactly lush. There is a concrete patio, an area of red gravel and solid stucco walls. There is only one bunny egress so I’m afraid it will end up being a cotton tail death trap.

Oscar has snatched a few birds in the past. However, they were all up in his face, eating his food and shouting derogatory slurs about his manhood.  A little culling keeps the avian gangs in check.

But bunnies are, well they are bunnies.  Cute and fluffy and they won’t eat his Purina. We will have to create a little bunny diversion at the gate. Perhaps a do not enter sign.

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