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Friday, February 22, 2013

What I’ve Learned Today

One - Trying to blog from a smart phone is really, really hard to do, though not impossible. But I miss my dyslexic spell check and the little uppey – downey – sidey buttons are liars!

It must be pre-planned, sort of reminiscent of the undergrad typewriter days, plan it out, type carefully and grab the spelling dictionary.

Two - Miscrosoft is way too big for its britches. I’ve been coveting the new Mirosoft Surface and now that my cheapy, crappy refurbished notebook thinks keys a, f, g, j and l are not necessary, I’m thinking this is the opportunity to purchase a cool new Surface.

I’m already having fantasies of whipping it out at the coffee shop. My next date is just there, waiting for me to show up with a Surface.

But guess what, it is $899 plus $99 for the keyboard plus $199 for the two year warranty plus $125 to download Word. So I’m thinking that pisses me off. Way more than an iPad AND trying to fool me with the $99’s. (Really I have the rational ability to round that sucker up.)

I’m not paying $1322, pretax for a tablet. So we will all have to get along without the a, f, g, j and l (and coffee shop dates) until I get the magic box to send it into whatever outsourcing area they send it to, they fix the a, f, g, j and l and then return the cheapy, crappy, re-refurbished notebook.

Three - I am no closer to finding a house than I was last week. This is not good. Moving makes me cry and moving everything into storage while I live in my brother’s basement will make everyone cry.

Four - Oscar can reach the middle of the counter and does so in a very sneaky way. I went to see a movie and brought home my bag of popcorn, like I do, because the kid likes movie popcorn and because if you bring back the popcorn bag you get a free refill.
Oscar, while sneaky in getting the bag, is not so sneaky in hiding the remnants of the bag. Little blue scraps all over the back yard and two big dogs, sitting like good boys waiting to get in.

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