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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy singles awareness day!

Yes, once again it is that time, where women have planned for months, getting something provocative yet strategically sufficient to disguising specific areas.  And where men, late at night, speed to Walmart, rummage through the remnants and return victorious with an oversized stuffed animal, appropriate for a ten year old.

What, you may ask, did I do on this pagan usurped by the Catholic Church holiday? Well, I had a meeting with my new boss at the airport hotel.

What!?! (You ask.)

Yes, let me explain.  Corporate headquarters are back East and in the West, we are slowly building a foothold. So my boss is stationed in Utah and supervises  a huge 8 state area.  She is here to do a week’s worth of ride-a-longs. The company doesn’t have any ready available office space in the area so we meet in the little side room off the lobby.

This is not the Valentine’s part of the story.

In the lobby, they are hosting some kind of mixer where everyone wanders around aimlessly with a name tag and a cup of something.  I’m thinking I should crash the party, mess around with a few people and shake things up a bit. But, with my boss there, I figure I should at least make an attempt to appear normal, for a few more weeks anyway.

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