Friday, February 1, 2013

Gun Safety Test

There is a clinical test to screen for brain hemisphere compromise with a very technical name called “The Draw a Clock Test”. Damage to parts of the brain lead to an incomplete clock. There is also an IQ test for kids called “The Draw a Man Test”. (I’m not making these up!) Then you count all the aspects of the figure the kid draws. Put that number in some formula, with the kid’s age and get an IQ score.
I think we need to come up with a cognitive Draw a Something gun safety test. My sister’s friend suggested a written gun safety test called “List The People You Want To Kill With Your New Gun”. The prospective purchaser puts anyone on the list and they are automatically disqualified. I like it!
A little bit on Eddie Izzard. He is my absolutely favorite atheist transvestite comedian from Great Britain. Actually he is one of my favorites in any category. If you are so inclined I would recommend a You Tube view. (Warning - He does drop the F bomb quite a bit.)

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