Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Trip to the Job Fantastic

A quick jaunt back to the Business Casual Ambiguity (where I attempt to pack for a week long trip to a new job orientation.) Post includes accompanying photos of what I will look like while attending said orientation – not!
I finally acquired some stuff (meaning pants in a wrinkle proof, stain proof, water proof and fire proof material) and I was basking in the glory of my accomplishment, when I get an email. This outlines a very causal definition of “business casual” and I make adjustments! New jeans and slacks made out of thin brushed denim. I’m already the proud owner of three thousand plain T shirts, and don’t forget the new eyelashes, so I’m set. Hooray!
But no. I get another email. Denim for Fridays only. Damn! Back to the store where I search for more non- ridiculous clothes. (Recall ridiculous clothes include anything tight, pinchy, squishy, itchy, hot or anything with lace, sequins, beads, a pattern or a color and finally anything that has to be ironed.)
I’ve already been to the large sized specialty stores and the stores that pretend to have a big girl selection, so I break down and go to one of those over-buy discount places. I don’t have anything innately against them, it’s just in other sanely organized stores you get the pants, you try the pants on in a size up and down and then you buy the pants in every color. Done! In the discount store there is way too much searching and trying on and carrying crap around and ultimately shopping crabbiness.
The end result of shopping trip number twelve? I am the proud owner of a set of black and a set of brown big girl slacks (which sadly will require ironing), comfy flats (because I don’t know how far we will have to walk) and gigantic, hold a lap top and everything else I could possibly need for a week, bags. div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
I don’t care what other emails I get, including a change to black tie formal or pajama day, I am NOT going back to the clothing store - ever. I’ll be one of those old ladies that who keeps a wardrobe from their middle age. Instead of polyester pants suits, I’ll have capris and T shirts. I’ll just bet, by then, polyester pants suits will be back in style.

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