Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Deity Brothers, Travel and Airport.

Because Airport God hates me, his brother, Travel God also has similar feelings. I get a call last night from my dog sitter. The boys have gotten out and she’s been driving around looking for them. Shit. So I left a message for animal control and the county shelter. Nothing else I can do from Florida.
At two in the morning, I get a call. The boys are home. She heard Little Man barking at the door. When she went out, here comes Oscar and Oden sauntering back to the house, casually barking hello to the neighbors.
Then, in the morning, I get a text from a friend a few blocks away. There are signs up, “Found! Two big black dogs and a little white dog.” I’m assuming that no one else would be dumb enough to have two big black dogs and a small white dog and so I call. Yep she found them and secured them in her yard. Then they escaped her yard so they could meander their way home.
Ha! Deflection of Travel God’s vengeance! At least for now.

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