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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

More from the House of Urine

Little Man started marking in the house which then led to Oden and Oscar marking in the house. It is totally gross and I’m fighting a losing battle. The carpet needed to get replaced from times prior to me moving in. It has a big hole right in the middle of a room and it is old and very stained. I just helped reinforce the need for new floor coverings. Two of my many rules for picking out a different house; no wallpaper and no carpet. I think stained and sealed concrete would be the way to go.
Savannah, standing up for her “baby Odin.” “How do you know it’s Odin? It could just be me waiting until you’re not home. Then inviting all my friends over and we each take a corner. But you never thought of that!” You are right! I never even considered it. Does that mean she is also the one who drags shoes and cardboard outside leaving little piles of trash all over the, well I can’t really call it a yard, all over the dirt?

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