Monday, January 14, 2013

Laptop. You’re Doing It Wrong

To resolve my computer issue, I bought a monitor to connect to the notebook (which, aside from the screen, is fine.)
I arranged to borrow my niece’s laptop from the trip to Florida because hours of travel, tiny seat, TSA, OCD, anxiety and a large bum, I’m thinking a book, no matter how gripping, is not going to compensate.
So I have my plan and I’ll just wait it out until the new Microsoft Surface comes out. Sounds easy right? Evidently, a laptop with a monitor becomes no longer portable, well EASILY portable. Imagine such a thing!
So after transporting the new set-up from room to room and trying to sit on my bed with the monitor on various night stands, I will now be the proud owner of a refurbished cheapy, notebooky thingy.
Maybe I'm not trying hard enough. It appears that some folks will go to great lengths to make a desktop portable. I wonder how happy the TSA would be with a monitor and a tower. “Excuse me stewardess. Where can I plug this in?”

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