Monday, January 28, 2013

It’s Complicated!

Follow up from last night. I get a call from my fantastic puppy sitter. I made extra keys before I left; Mom watching the kid, puppy sitter coming in to watch the loud barky dogs, and my fabulous neighbor is going to help me clean out the room o’ crap.
No more room o’ crap for me. The “Job Fantastic” has some specific requirements for what a home office is. They require a desk and a chair and a file cabinet and an actual office door.
Anyway, I get a call. “Um, the key doesn’t work.” Damn. I have my sister-in-law drive over and guess what - my original key doesn’t work either. (I guess in 18 months I’ve never tried it.) So the garage door opener goes to the neighbor’s and she becomes the keeper of house access. How did things get this complicated?
Then, after my drip dry spread of clothes from the saturated suitcase, I go to take a hot bath. Yep – no tub. Shower only.

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