Thursday, January 3, 2013

Insurance, and the Lack Thereof

As part of my severance package, the company will subsidized my COBRA insurance policy until the 7th, which is great. (You know you are old when having good insurance is in the list of the top ten things that make you happy.) So the kid and I go get a bunch of dental work done, all the stuff I’ve been putting off because, well I don’t really need to explain my aversion to the dentist, right?
Then I figure I need to refill my prescriptions because they are expensive little buggers. (Naturally the generic equivalent isn’t available yet, thank you very much, and the pharmacology companies have some elaborate marketing to do with my money.)
But wait, there’s more to this fascinating story! After several phone calls, I discover the subsidized portion of insurance does not include dental, only medical. Swell. And the medical has been inactive since December and will only be subsidize until the 2nd. Even more swell.
I rush around last night and get two prescriptions filled, pay full price $250, and forgo refilling the really expensive one which is $300 a month. I am assured, by the COBRA people that as soon as the issues are resolved I’ll receive a refund for the prescriptions and the insurance will be retroactive. Problem solved because you know that every time you are assured by an agency that something will be resolved it always is, and in a timely and competent manner.
It’s looking like I’ll be one of the lucky Americans unable to pay for health insurance. Bring on the home remedies!
Then, just because this is how my life works, I have one more little story about bureaucracies. I’m waiting for a court order to be signed by the county judge. The order was submitted mid-October and then lost. The order was resubmitted mid-November and then lost. The order was submitted again last week and not signed yet but unable to confirm or deny if it has been lost.
Really!?! Keep in mind, this is after eighteen months in court to get the ruling for the order. Maybe the COBRA people can cross train with the county clerk people.

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