Friday, January 25, 2013

Gangnam Style!!

Oppa Gangam Style, the Macarena of this generation.
The kid gets so ticked when I dare compare the two, as if her generation was the only one to conceive of being swept away by a pop song slash dance wonder. It seemed like every night the TV played “news” footage of various celebrities dancing the Macarena. (Boy, Bob Saget does the Macarena? Never mind the gulf war, that IS news!)
My favorite was the usually sophisticated Colin Powell throwing his hands up in mock exaggeration of the first hands-on-hips bum roll.
My sister called me other day to ask if I had heard of this new dance thing. Oh honey, you obviously don’t have a 12 year old!! (And just how do the old fogies, anyone over 30, obtain the essential pop news of the day if not by having a tween in the house? Imagine not knowing what Justin Beiber is doing on an hourly basis. Oh the horror!) Anyway, if you don’t happen to have a 12 year old, here is the Youtube link:
Per Wikipedia (the official knower of all things) this was the first youtube video to get one billion hit. One billion!! Proof that there are teenagers everywhere with internet access and nothing better to do.
The song has also topped the charts in 30 countries, further proof that teenagers everywhere have some spending money.
PSY is a singer from South Korea and Gangam style refers to the trendy lifestyle in the Korean Gangam district. Oppa is a term used by Korean women to refer to an older and reputable male. (So I’m thinking a release of “Honorable Maricopa County Style” and I can retire.)
A big part of the dance is pretending to ride a horse. Not an original theme, what about The Pony from the 60’s? That’s more like, shuffle shuffle. Or Billy Idol has a Mony Mony, ride my pony thing. (If you haven’t seen the Evolution of Dance, drop everything and go now!! Well read the rest of this post and then go!! But PSY is certainly more enthusiastic about his pony ride.
Anything this big, you know people are going to jump on board and make parodies. One parody is “Gangam for Freedom”, as you might of guessed, it consists of pretend horse riding for the freedom of others.
PSY met UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon where they did some Ganagam Style. "We have tough negotiations in the United Nations. In such a case I was also thinking of playing Gangnam Style-dance so that everybody would stop and dance. Maybe you can bring UN style." Ban Ki-Moon.
Awesome! We didn’t have The Macarena, The Thriller or The Mashed Potato for Peace now did we?

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