Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Eyelashes make everything better.

Recall the prior fake eyelash discussion? Probably not because it was a long time ago and not all that memorable. Among the many things I object to about my appearance are my eyelashes. I have the icky baggy eyelids combined with the spars lashes which, well anyway, no need to continue. So, upcoming trip, want to fit in with the other kids, can’t decrease the size of my bum dramatically in the time frame. Eyelash extension it is!!
My sister-in-law has a girl who does them. I give her a call and leave a message. She has a similar name to a friend of a friend who has requested help getting her mom from a nursing home in California to a nursing home in Arizona. So I get a call and start asking questions. What is your mom’s level of care? Can she ride in a car or does she need a stretcher? Um, I’m calling about your eyelashes. Well then I guess your mother’s condition is not relevant!

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