Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Driving in Utah

A continuation of the “Review of Driving in Various Places I have Lived” in which I’ve already discussed my fascinating three years on the D.C. Beltway.
I learned to drive in Utah and for a native Utah driver, I will freely admit that the ability to maneuver in the snow eluded me for several years.
Granted I had a little, light car with rear wheel drive, but it was not pretty.
Then I got a four-wheel-drive, beat up truck with a roll bar. I mean the kind of four-wheel-drive, where you get out of the truck and “lock” the wheels, none of this on the fly stuff. But give the girl the right tools! Then it became a thing for me to crush as much snow as possible under my tires! Who is afraid of who now?
It also became a thing for me to get stuck behind the drivers that oh so slowly slip up a hill, stop and then try to reverse back down. Karma!

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