Friday, January 11, 2013

Driving in Hawaii

Yes, more on the “Review of Driving in Various Places I have Lived” in which I’ve already discussed my fascinating three years on the D.C. Beltway, my year in Southern California and my many, many years as a winter commuter in Utah.
We lived on Oahu for three years (not the Big Island but the most populated island.) For my job, I commuted from Fort Shafter to Wialula (One side of Oahu to the other.) Unfortunately, no ocean view on the drive but I did pass the pineapple fields. Fortunately I was going the opposite way of rush hour traffic so it didn’t take too long. (It isn’t a very big island.)
They had a “zipper lane” where barriers are moved by a machine so there is an extra lane for traffic flow. (You can tell I’m easily impressed by things!)
Hawaii also has the most expensive interstate in the country ($18 million per mile.) H-3 runs from Pearl Harbor, though the Ko’olau Range to the Marine Corps Base on K-Bay. It is an amazing drive (and unfortunately not on my commute) but Wow!
If you ever visit Oahu, rent a car, visit the other beaches. You won’t be sorry.
Driving up into the mountains in the center of the island is kind of crazy. The lanes are narrow and cars park on either side so there is room for one car to pass. You turn a corner and never know what you will find. Custom dictates whoever is going up waits for whoever is going down.
Still! Picking up some lunch and eating on the beach during whale season. Not much I can complain about. (Though you could look at the Hawaii bug posts. Still makes my skin crawl!)

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