Sunday, January 13, 2013

Driving in Arizona

The final installment in the fascinating Review of Driving in Places I Have Lived! (Having already discussed the Utah, California, D.C. and Hawaii years, I am now turning to Arizona. Recall the California nick-name for Arizona drivers? Arizonies, and as I have been informed by my two driving teens, this is apt.)
In Arizona, they have several sets of lane, street, road, avenue and whatever else with the same name. They do NOT mean the same place! Can you guess I’ve picked the wrong one before? It is awkward when I ring someone’s bell and announce that I’m there to do a hospice visit. “Hospice? I’m not dying.”
There is also the influx of “mature” drivers in winter. As you can imagine, that does not improve traffic flow. I’ve heard several Arizona natives talk about the “Utah Speed Bump.” (When several cars going the same, slow speed take up all the lanes at one time.) I’m not buying it. I would call it the Arizona geriatric bump.
They better have functional transportation and delivery services for old people by the time I hit the age I need to turn in the car keys!

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